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Wine Accessories

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Wine Accessories

There are many accessories available to compliment you wine selection.  Accessories make great gifts.  There are many inexpensive styles to choose from that can make life a little easier and more satisfying for wine aficionado.
Corkscrews- Corkscrews come in many styles from the Lever Style, Electric Wine Openers, Twist- Style, Waiter Corkscrews and Wing Corkscrews.  Some have a foil cutter built in which makes it all around useful.
Aerators- Aerators are very beneficial to a nice bottle of wine.  The first thing a bottle of wine needs to do after being opened is to breathe or let the air interact with the wine.  Fuller flavors and aromas are released when the wine interacts with oxygen.  Aerators are easy to use and are great with one glass or many glasses.  There are many styles to choose from.
Decanters- Decanters are normally used as a serving vessel for wine.  Decanters come in many shapes and sizes and primarily made of glass.  Dating back to Roman times, Decanters help separate the sediment that sits in the bottom of the bottle.  Another reason for using a Decanter is for aerating the wine.  With more surface area of wine exposed to the air, the more flavorful the wine will be.  The elegant design and style can enhance and add aesthetics to any party or special occasions.
Wine Stoppers and Wine Pourers- Wine Stoppers are great for keeping your wine fresh.  Some stoppers come with vacuum sealers which take the air out of the bottle to help keep wine fresh.  Wine pourers allow you to pour wine without any drips and come in handy when pouring your favorite bottle.
Ice Buckets- Ice buckets are great and take the hassle out of running to and from the freezer.  Nothing says convenience more than a stylish ice bucket to keep your drinks extra cold.  Ice buckets are great for Bartenders and for just about any occasion.
Wine Glasses- Wine glasses come in many styles and are a great addition to have.  It is believed by some that the shape of the glass is important as it concentrates the flavor and aroma to emphasize the varietals characteristics.  Stem or Stemless glasses are available.  The wine glass is generally composed of three parts: the bowl, stem, and foot and the shape of the glass allow one to appreciate the color of the wine.