About CityWineCellar

Welcome to City Wine Cellar!

City Wine Cellar was founded in May 2009.

Currently, City Wine Cellar is located in Staten Island, NY and is considered to be the largest on the island with over 3,000 products.

At City Wine Cellar we pride ourselves with our knowledge of wine and liquor. We offer competitive pricing, a great selection of wine and exceptional customer service.

The City Wine Cellar Experience

The City Wine Cellar Store provides an inviting and entertaining atmosphere. Our friendly, product-knowledgeable staff offers customers the attention they need. They offer their service, knowledge and advice to a customer so that they may explore the store’s unique product offering. There is a strong element of fun and learning as customers are able to sample wines.

The store is organized by product category signs and labels, which are further broken down by country and then type making. This makes it easy for the customers to navigate their way through the store and finding the selection they are interested in. For example, one section of the store is dedicated to wine, which is organized into sections by grape varietal for domestic wines and other sections by country for imported wines. Another section offers a vast selection of liquors and accessories. All products are accompanied by descriptive labels and, where appropriate, ratings.

John Ha, City Wine Cellar’s Main Guy

John Ha, our main Guy! John decided to open City Wine Cellar to share his knowledge of wine to all of the customers that come through his way. He carefully chooses each wine ensuring quality selection for his store.

He graduated from Penn State with a degree in business. After graduating, John decided to go to Windows of the World Wine School taught by Kevin Zraley and opened City Wine Cellar soon after. John’s family has been in the wine and liquor business for over 3 generations.

Enjoy City Wine Cellar to the Fullest!

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