Korbel Brut

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#Korbel Brut
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#Korbel Brut is the ultimate blended wine. We blend multiple varieties from multiple appellations and even multiple years. The goal is to make a champagne that consistently delivers a lot of quality for the price. Korbel Brut is crisp and refreshing, with a light citrus and fresh pear-like note in the finish.

  • Producer Korbel
  • Country California
  • Rating 87
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"One of America's bestselling bruts, affordable and dependable. They score again with a delicately flavored, dry wine with elegance and finesse "". Korbel Brut is America's favorite bottlefermented champagne. It is used to celebrate more weddings, anniversaries, and New Years celebrations than any other quality champagne. Korbel Brut is light and crisp, with spicy fruit flavors. It is finished with a 1% dosage for a balanced mediumdry finish. Korbel Brut is perfect for every celebration and many meals. Try it with chicken dishes, oriental foods, especially those using lemon grass or mild curries. Korbel Brut is also great served with many fruits and milder cheeses."