A Few Quick Stats About the Park

People roller skating at Great Kills ParkWhen you look at a map of Staten Island, you will see a panhandle on the southern shore that stretches out and wraps around an oval-shaped harbor. This panhandle is part of Great Kills Park, an 850-acre Gateway National Recreation Area that consists of beaches, salt marshes, and woodlands.

There are four beaches along the coast of Great Kills Park, namely New Dorp Beach, Cedar Grove Beach, Oakwood Beach, and Fox Beach. The beaches and salt marshes play an integral role in preventing erosion and flooding in the nearby developed areas.

Great Kills Park is also a popular recreational attraction for people who live on Staten Island and visitors from the city.

Things to do at Great Kills Park

Great Kills Park’s vast undeveloped spaces feature hiking and biking trails, sports fields, and many fishing areas. These trails are the perfect place for strolling, jogging, or trying to spot wildlife like owls, deer, geese, rabbits, and many different bird species. 

Since Great Kills Park is a coastal area, you can enjoy off-shore fishing, the swimming beaches, or visit the marina and enjoy the magnificent views of Coney Island and New Jersey. Great Kills Park is also big, so you can easily find a secluded and quiet picnic spot for the day.

Boating is another favorite activity at Great Kills Park. The Nichols Marina serves boaters at the Great Kills Harbour. There is also a seasonal kayaking program in the Great Kills Park for fishermen or casual paddlers.

Events at Great Kills Park

There are several events at Great Kills Park throughout the year. The Natural Resources Protective Association hosts an event called It’s My Park, an initiative to clean various areas around Great Kills Park. For example, there was an It’s My Park at Kivlehan Playground to prepare for the annual Easter egg hunt and an It’s My Park Oakwood Beach to get rid of all the debris that washes up from the Lower Bay.

The Stewardship Team has a tree planting event at Crooke’s Point to improve the air and water quality in the area, and also to reduce pollution from the city. The Stewardship Team trains volunteers to teach them the proper tree planting techniques and to ensure that the trees they plant have sufficient nutrients and water.

Great Kills Park also has kayaking tours for people who like paddling and kayaking expeditions. These tours are suitable for people of all ages and levels of experience.

Don't Miss Out on the Fun at Great Kills Park

Great Kills Park is the ideal location for people who want to break away from the busy city life and enjoy the tranquility that Staten Island’s shoreline has to offer. 

Whether you want to take a walk through the woodlands or on the beach, cycle on the biking trails, or go fishing, Great Kills Park has the facilities you need.

Great Kills Park has beautiful swimming beaches with views of the Manhattan Bridge and the Lower Bay. During summer months, lifeguards are on duty at these beaches, and they are ideal for a safe and enjoyable family getaway.

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