Privacy, Seclusion, and Tranquility

Rest stop with a bench on a trailThe Greenbelt is open to the members of the public who want to hike, jog, or explore the plant and animal life that this area has to offer. The Greenbelt Nature Center hosts several events throughout the year, and it is the hub for a wide range of Greenbelt activities.

The Greenbelt Nature Center is a stone and brick building with a size of 5,440 square feet. This building houses state-of-the-art Richmond County Savings Foundation exhibits, and it is the perfect venue for private and corporate events.

If you’re looking for a setting that includes both privacy and seclusion, this will be one of the best venues to host this environment. The center also features a Victorian-inspired carousel for children who are visiting the center or who are guests at an event 

One of the standout features of this venue is that it is congruent with its natural surroundings, the 3,000-acre Greenbelt that is three times the size of Central Park and that is home to woodlands, wetlands, meadows, and ponds.

Looking to Meet New People or Learn Interesting Things?

The Greenbelt Nature Center organizes several events from April to October and November to March to gain funding and involve the community with their projects. These events include hikes with naturalists, lectures in the Greenbelt or the Nature Center, environmental education programs, workshops for parents and children, and yoga classes.

The Greenbelt Nature Center’s calendar includes events like nature-inspired classes for children, spring walks with protectors of pine oak woods, salamander and newt monitoring in High Rock Park, and Frog Watch USA monthly monitoring sessions.

Guided walks are not always on the same trails, so if you want to explore the sea view section of the program, for example, you must keep an eye on the Greenbelt Nature Center event calendar.

What’s Going On in the Native Plant Center?

The Greenbelt Native Plant Center consists of a 13-acre greenhouse, seed bank, and nursery on the former Mohlenhoff family farm on the western shore of the borough.

The objective of the native plant center is to maintain the plant life of the city’s natural areas by supplying them with indigenous plants and seeds. The Native Plant Center works with partner organizations in the region on conservation, education, and research projects to ensure the long-term botanical sustainability of parks in the city.

If a natural area in or around New York City detects a decline in the numbers of a plant species, the Native Plant Center will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the decline before re-establishing the species in the area.

The Native Plant Center is not open to the public, but people who are interested in learning more can contact the staff.

Don’t Forget to Catch the Beauty Here

The Greenbelt Conservancy Center is a not-for-profit organization that works together with parks in New York City to maintain the Greenbelt’s plant life, parks, trails system, and public facilities.

The Greenbelt Nature Center is a beautiful building that is designed in the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright. The center has a manicured front lawn and a private stone terrace that overlooks the woodland.

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