Meukow Cognac X.O. Gift Box With Wooden Rack & 2 Glasses 750ml

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#Meukow Cognac X.O. Gift 750ml
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#Established in Cognac for over 150 years, Meukow has built a strong reputation as masters in the art of distillation, ageing and blending of fine Brandy. Meukow XO is a luxury Cognac, its harmonious and smooth taste the result of meticulous fruit selection, traditional double distillation, prestige oak usage and a long ageing process. This giftpack includes a 750ml bottle of Meukow Cognac XO as well as two Meukow cognac glasses.

  • Size 750ml
  • Producer Meukow
  • Country France
  • Region Cognac
  • Alcohol Percent 40
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