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Remy Martin Vs 200ml

#Remy Martin Vs 200ml
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#"Blend origin 100% Petite Champagne. Structure Soft, fresh, mouthfilling. Flavour Lime blossom, fresh apple, pear, bush peach, vanilla, hints of liquorice, fresh mint. Product benefit Flavoursome and fresh. Ideal mixer on any occasion. Recommendations Mixed (long drink and cocktails). Neat on ice. How to serve it Try it on ice with pistaccios like in Asia, in a Rimy Metropolitan cocktail like in America, served with tonic and with grilled almonds like in Europe. Grand Cru is the higher standard in V.S. cognac as it contained 100% Petite Champagne. Easily mixable, Grand Cru is the distinctive and flavour-some cognac, ideal to be enjoyed at any moment. Thanks to its Petite Champagne origin, its versatility suits a wide range of long drinks and cocktails. Remy Vs Grand Cru is the cognac that's right everyday. Enjoy it on ice or mix with ginger ale, club soda, or your preference. "

  • Size 200ml
  • Producer Remy Martin
  • Country France
  • Region Cognac