Cordials are a kind of liquor made from distilled spirits, flavored with fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, or flowers and sweetened heavily, often with sugar. As a result, cordials tend to be sweet, and syrupy, and they are not usually aged for long, although some cordials have a "resting period," during which the flavors are given time to blend together into a single flavor. In some countries, cordials can be referred to as "schnapps." Although they are often quite sweet, cordials tend to have an alcohol content level between 15% and 30%, while more traditional liquors have an alcohol content up to 55%. Cordials were originally intended to be medicines and were consumed to renew the spirit and fight disease.

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  1. Grand Marnier Cuvee 1880 Liqueur 750ml
    Grand Marnier Cuvee 1880 Liqueur 750ml

    90 - Beverage Testing Institute

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