Caravella Lemoncello

#Caravella Lemoncello
#"The term ""limoncello"" describes one of Italy's most relished drinks. At the beginning of this century, it became very fashionable in homes to soak lemon peels and leaves in fine alcohol, adding sugar to create a delicious liqueur served well-chilled on hot summer nights. The lemons, which grow plentifully on Italy's spectacular southern coast, were highly valued not only for their wonderful taste but also because they were considered to have tremendous curative properties. This bottled version, Caravella Limoncello, was created by Paolo Sperone in Milan from a family recipe dating back to 1898. Founded in 1911 by Antonio Sperone, the company is now the world's fourth-largest producer of Italian aperitifs. Though virtually unknown in the U.S. until now, limoncello is currently so popular in Italy it accounts for 35% of total liqueur consumption in that country. Whether at home or when dining out, Caravella Limoncello adds a continental spirit to any occasion. The classic order comes ice cold,""neat"", in a chilled cordial glass. Caravella Limoncello should be stored in the freezer to ensure that it is always served ice cold."

  • Producer Caravella
  • Country Italy
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