Coole Swan Dairy Cream Liqueur

#Coole Swan Dairy Cream Liqueur
#"Coole Swan is created from the highest quality, all natural ingredients which are carefully balanced to deliver a taste that is seriously delicious! The blend comprises fresh double cream from Ireland's richest dairylands. Their cream is delivered fresh, direct from the dairy in the early morning and in less than two hours of leaving the dairy is fully combined with all the other ingredients to make Coole Swan. Unlike any other Irish Cream Liqueur, Coole Swan uses real, natural Chocolate that they carefully melt and fold into the fresh cream. They wanted to avoid using chocolate essences or any synthetic flavoring. There is no substitute for the real thing! As a result Coole Swan is clean and less sweet, offering its gentle melt in the mouth experience. The liquid is further complemented by the rich, dark, bittersweet cocoa from the Ivory Coast and the delicate infusions of finest Bourbon-style Madagascan vanilla. Coole Swan scoured all the world for the best natural Cocoa and Vanilla until they finally chose these ingredients from two superb locations. Finally, they tasted every available Irish Malt Whiskey until they found a beautifully soft, single distillery Malt that delivers the perfect malt and chocolate after-glow! "

  • Producer Coole Swan
  • Country Ireland