Vodka is a colorless liquor that is one of the most popular spirits in Eastern Europe and Russia, and it is one of the world's most popular liquors for its smoothness and its ability to mix with nearly anything. Vodka is made with a distillation process, from bases as varied as grain, potatoes, and beets. However, the end result is well-known to be delicious. Now, it is easy to find many fruit and flavor-infused vodkas which can be enjoyed either neat or mixed.


Vodka and Distillation


Vodka is what is known as a rectified spirit. That means that it is distilled at least three times in order to filter out impurities. Some of the best vodkas are distilled five times or more. Each time a vodka is distilled, it becomes purer and cleaner

Where distillers of other liquors might brag about the distinct flavors of their products, vodka distillers aim for a signature mouth feel. Depending on the base material, the distillation process, and the manufacturer, you can recognize the quality of a vodka based on its texture, rather than its taste.

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