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"AVIV is a neutral, unflavored vodka that retains the essence of its ingredients post-distillation. Yossi Gold, our master distiller, arrived at the precise formulation of AVIV 613 after three years of trial and error. He begins with wheat and barley distilled three times. To that he adds thrice-distilled alcohol from a mash made from olives, figs, dates, grapes, and pomegranates. He tweaked the quantities of the ingredients, along with the proportions of the alcohol, until he reached the exact flavor notes and strength of each he wanted. Remember that the distinctive sweet finish of AVIV 613 comes from flavors that are not added to the vodka, but which evolve from the perfect blending of grain and fruit alcohol. Water from the Sea of Galilee, the lowest freshwater source in the world, contributes to it's unique taste and smoothness. Distilling AVIV more than 4 times removes too many of its natural flavors. We distill the grains 3 times and the fruits 3 times before they're blended and distilled 1 more time. Then AVIV goes through 6 filtration processes to make it ultra clean and smooth. The result is truly perfection. Ultra smooth. Sweet finish. AVIV 613 is the most extraordinary tasting vodka on the market. The ideal mix of seven ingredients, combined with the masterful blend of grain and fruit alcohol, took years to perfect."

  • Kosher
  • Producer: Israel

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Aviv 613 Vodka 750ml

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Aviv 613 Vodka 750ml

country: Israel

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