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Buffalo Trace White Dog Wheated Mash Whiskey 114 Proof 375ml

#Buffalo Trace Wheated Mash 375
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#"William Larue Weller was a distilling pioneer. He took a traditional bourbon recipe and substituted wheat where rye was normally used. This created a soft, mellow spirit perfect for sipping. Before this whiskey ever made its way into the barrel for aging it was drank straight off the still. It was called White Dog. This raw distillate was clear, un-aged and hinted of wheat and sweet corn. Enjoy this wheat recipe White Dog the way William Larue Weller and early Americans did more than a century ago. Smooth start, with a bouquet of wheat bread and subtle spiciness."

  • Size 375ml
  • Producer Buffalo Trace
  • Country United States
  • Region Kentucky
  • Alcohol Percent 57