Bulleit 95 Rye Small Batch American Whiskey

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#Bulleit 95 Rye Small Batch American Whiskey
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#"The Nose: A honeyed but herb-y, mildly astringent, rye-filled nose. There's dill, juniper, and a bit of fennel alongside the greenish, barely toasted rye. A bit of puckering vinegar drifts over the top, but not in an off-putting way, it just emphasizes the rye even more. Subtler, sweeter notes of vanilla bean, burnt toffee, cinnamon, and citrus pith help to balance things out. The Palate: A nicely viscous entry with more burnt sugar notes on the tip of the tongue. The rye bursts through, brightly and strongly, lightly toasted still and slightly bitter. Spicy, slightly woody herbal notes swell towards the end, with drying clove, more juniper and dill. This teases you into thinking it might get a bit rough, but it never happens, that sweetness keeps it remarkably smooth. The Finish: Continued drying clove, pickling spice notes and rye with subtle hints of bitter vanilla and oak char."

  • Producer Bulleit
  • Country United States
  • Region Kentucky
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