The Greenest Borough

With more than 170 parks, it is no wonder that Staten Island is called the “Greenest Borough.” On the Staten Island’s southern shore are the North Mount Loretto State Forest and the North Loretto Unique Nature Reserve which form part of the borough’s parks.

The Mount Loretto Unique Area that has five separate ecosystems, including wetlands, the forest, Staten Island’s coastline, and grasslands.

Mount Loretto is the perfect place for New Yorkers who want to get out of the city and enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, biking, and birdwatching. You can attend one of the many events held at Mount Loretto or visit the Mount Loretto sports complex with your friends and family.

Let's Talk Events aka Fun Under the Sun

There are hundreds of events that you can attend at Mount Loretto throughout the year. These events include Old Croton Aqueduct trail walks, discovery days, and beach walks to view horseshoe crabs. You can also attend survival skills training, night hikes, and educational walks to learn more about plants, birds, and butterflies in the area.

Events at Mount Loretto are not all nature-oriented. The annual Fall Festival features rides for kids, food vendors, and a giant pumpkin patch. The Mount Loretto Food Truck Festival is also a popular event that is held by the Catholic Charities of Staten Island.

On Columbus Day Weekend, Mount Loretto is the venue for Italian Festival at the Mount. This festival features food, contests, rides, beer, and sangria gardens, and usually draws hundreds of families from the city.

The Department of Environmental Conservation organizes several events to encourage community participation. These events include I BIRD NY, first-time camper weekends during summer, and Outdoors Day.

Mount Loretto Sports Complex

The Mount Loretto Sports Complex is a modern indoor sports and recreation facility. The complex is a prominent attraction to Mount Loretto, especially for people who like to entertain their kids.

In 2016, the Catholic Charities of Staten Island renovated the Senior Gym by repainting the hall and installing wall padding, a turf, and a new roof. Today, the gym with its turf flooring and playground is the perfect venue for sports events and kids’ birthday parties.

The complex also features a private room for meetings and private functions. The venue is located at the Catholics Charities of Staten Island just north of Mount Loretto.

Come Out and Have Fun at Mount Loretto

Mount Loretto is a beautiful Unique Area with several ecosystems and events throughout the year. Because of its rich history, many believe that Mount Loretto is haunted, which can give visitors who explore the vast amount of unused land quite a thrill.  

Mount Loretto is on the beautiful south shore of Staten Island, around 25 minutes’ drive from the Verrazano-Narrows bridge and less than ten minutes’ drive from the Outerbridge Crossing.

Mount Loretto is known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife, and it is the perfect place to clear your head and enjoy the fresh air. When you visit Staten Island, be sure to visit the Mount Loretto Unique Area and the North Mount Loretto State Forest.

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