Fruit Wine

Fruit Wines are wines made with the inclusion of other fruits besides wine grapes. Here, you can find our collection of Manischewitz, Arbor Mist, Plum Wine, Bokbunja, and other wines made from delicious fruits. If you're looking for a sweet wine to start a girl's night out, or just something to sip on by the pool on a nice warm day, we encourage you to shop our collection of sweet treats. Click "read more" to learn about different kinds of fruit wines.

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Varieties of Fruit Wine

Bokbunja, or Bokbunja Ju, is a black raspberry fruit wine made in Korea. Some varieties of Bokbunja also contain rice or jicho. This delicious fruit wine is only mildly sweet, and it is often served on special occasions.

Plum Wines are fruit wines that come from Japan, China and Korea. All are made relatively the same way. When the Ume fruit falls from the tree it is left to ripen further. The fruit is picked at dawn and then processed the same day . Plum Wine is usually bottled in ornately shaped, beautifully colored and decorated . Like some other dessert wines, Plum Wines vary in sweetness levels between semi sweet and sweet. They often exhibit aromas and tastes of plum, rice, cherry and orange. As for pairings, Plum Wine is versatile. It makes a good accompaniment for fruit pies, grilled chicken salad, fruit salad, teriyaki dishes and even cheesecake!

Manischewitz is a kind of fruit wine that is made from North American Concord Grapes. Manischewitz wines are all kosher.

Arbor Mist is a brand of sparkling wines infused with delicious fruit juice flavors.