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Beringer PVS White Zinfandel/Chardonnay 750Ml

#Beringer PVS Wht Zin 750Ml
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#"I have always been intrigued by what happens when I blend two wines together. The result is often more complex and interesting than each wine on its own, somewhat in the way great food combinations (tomatoes and basil or salmon and dill) seem to raise the flavor intensity in each ingredient. I like to layer flavors in wine, like the juicy berry, subtle watermelon and bright citrus notes in the White Zinfandel, with the barrel-fermented Chardonnay to enhance texture and depth. Chardonnay seemed like the perfect partner for the richly flavored White Zinfandel, and Im very pleased with the results.--Ed Sbragia"

  • Size 750ml
  • Subcategory Sweet Rose
  • Producer Beringer
  • Country California