Chamisul Soju Fresh 375ml

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#Chamisul Soju Fresh 375Ml
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#"Boasting of rich mineral contents and pure and clean taste, this natural alkaline SOJU is refined with charcoals made from 3-year old bamboos grown in a clean zone of Mt. Jiri and southern coast of Korea. Milder version to the original Chamisul, Chamisul Fresh is made with the natural sweetener from Finland for a cleaner and refreshing taste. Additionally, the innovative soju making technologies enhance the effect of the natural bamboo charcoal refinement process resulting in even more ""Fresh"" Chamisul. "

  • Size 375ml
  • Producer Jinro
  • Country Korea
  • Dominant Varietal Rice
  • Screwcap Yes
  • Alcohol Percent 17.2