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"The word Amarone comes from the Veronese dialect; it means dry. The definition comes from the comparison with the Recioto, a sweet wine produced in Valpolicella with the same grapes and using the same vinification technique, but leaving a much higher amount of residual sugar. The grapes used are the same as those in DOC Valpolicella, even if the percentage of Corvina is higher; however, unlike Valpolicella, Amarone is made exclusively from selected grapes grown on dedicated vineyards with the best micro-climate, sun exposure and soil type.The grapes used for Amarone are grown on three-foot-high trellises in the hills of Valpolicella that rise one to two thousand feet above sea level. In the picking process, only the most suitable grapes on the vines are selected for Amarone. The best bunches are those whose grapes are sufficiently spaced to allow air to circulate between them in the drying process (this limits the formation of gray mold). These grapes, whose sugar levels are the highest because of the amount of sunlight they receive, are picked and then arranged on flat drawers that easily fit into racks (or wooden cases), allowing a good circulation of air. It is very important that they be kept in a dry, cool, well-ventilated room. In years past, bamboo, straw mats, or trellises were used to dry the grapes. The grapes are cleaned and turned about every 20 days and are constantly inspected during the four-month natural drying period. This drying period causes a 40% loss of juice, resulting in grapes low in juice but extremely high in sugar and varietal character. Enzymatic action changes the properties (internally) of the acids and sugar balance and a cold continued 2003 Bolla Amarone Delle Valpolicella Phonetic Pronunciation:(BOL-lah AH-mah-roe-neh DEL-lah vahl-poh-lee-CHEL-lah) maceration in the berry starts, since the coloring an aromatic substances in the skin begin migrating into the pulp. The dried grapes, which resemble rich and still well moistured shriveled raisins, are pressed at the middle/end of February, and go through a process of cold maceration with skin and stems intact for about 20 days and then fermented at a maximum temperature of 15-17 C for 25 more days. Then the wine is put to age in big Slavonian oak casks for a period of time varying from 24 to 36 months. Bolla Amarone della Valpolicella has a remarkably beautiful, dark ruby red color. -Winery"

  • Year: 2006
  • Producer: Bolla

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Bolla Amarone 2006 750ml

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Item #3850

Bolla Amarone 2006 750ml

country: Italy/region: Veneto/subregion: Amarone Della Valpolicella

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