With over 50 apellations to the region and an annual production of over 700 million bottles (almost 90% of which are red wines), Bordeaux stands out as one of the premiere wine-production regions of the world, including some of the most expensive and prestigious. Red Bordeaux wines are often made from a blend of grapes, but most blends are primarily a Cabernet Sauvignon base. Almost all Bordeaux wines are blended; very few are varietals. Bordeaux wines are often categorized by estate.


Claret is a term used for a dry, dark red Bordeaux, although its original use referred to a dark rose that was very popular in England for a very long time. Reviews and reputation of flavor profile by estate are the best way to predict was a red wine from Bordeaux will taste like, as many recipes are closely-guarded secrets, and each vineyard's flavor profile is different.

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