Malbec is a purple grape that is used to produce red wine. Because Malbec grapes have an inky color and are high in tannins, they are often used to make the kinds of full-bodied wines of which the Bordeaux region of France is famous. They are also grown in Argentina, where they have become incredibly popular.

As a red wine, Malbec is often rich, dark, and juicy. It is sometimes mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to produce Claret. Malbec is often deep in color, high in tannin, and has a plum finish. The varital grown in Argentina is sometimes referred to as the country's "national wine." Compared to the continental variety of the grape, Argentinian Malbec is intensely fruity and plush, but contains a lower level of tannin. The most highly-rated Argeninian variety is called "High Altitude Mendoza Malbec." All of these wines age very well and are often paired with red meats.