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Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2011 750ml

#Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2011 750ml
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#"Winemaker's notes: Dressed in fresh purple red colour, this is a voluptuous Pinot Noir with rich fruit notes of cherry, raspberry, plum and strawberry a red fruit party! enhanced by subtle smoked hints. In mouth sweet fruit notes stand out, and its fine tannins give it a great texture and a mouth filling structure. Balanced and New World styled, this is a wine of personality and elegance. Sexy, pure and simple, it's a young and refreshing Pinot. Our Cono Sur Pinot Noir is a great choice for all sorts of pasta, grilled poultry, seafood and mild fish. It's also excellent when accompanying dishes served with pesto sauces. If ordering in, mushroom pizza and sushi go great with this wine."

  • Year 2011
  • Size 750ml
  • Producer Chile
  • Country Chile
  • Dominant Varietal Pinot Noir