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There are a variety of other Liqueurs that have been made the world over. Whether you're looking for a special ingredient, a special spice, or a special mixed spirit like Benedictine, the possibilities are endless when you shop City Wine Cellar's curated liqueur collection. Click "read more" for a little bit of information about some of our most popular liqueurs.

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Other Liqueurs at City Wine Cellar

Akvavit is a Norwegian and Scandinavian spirit flavored with herbs and spices. The word Akvavit comes from the Latin aqua vitae, and it is an important part of Scandinavian drinking culture, where it is commonly enjoyed during festive gatherings. Akvavit is best sipped slowly from a small shot glass, and it is exceptionally delicious when sipped after some dark beer.

Creme de Cacao is a variety of chocolate liqueur that comes in both clear (light) and dark caramel colors. It is often enjoyed straight as an after-dinner drink, as part of a cocktail, or as part of a dessert sauce or confection.

Irish Cream is a liqueur that contains the flavors of Irish whiskey and fresh cream. It is available in a large number of varieties.

Jagermeister is a German liqueur infused with a unique blend of herbs and spices, and it is extremely popular to add a "bite" to numerous cocktails.