Zing Vodka 750ml

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Zing Vodka 750ml
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Zing Vodka 750ml


Zing Vodka 750ml "PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL RECEIVE ONLY (1) BOTTLE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SPECIFIC COLOR PLEASE INCLUDE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION DURING CHECKOUT. Zing Vodka is bottled in a crystal clear bottle which contains highly distinct and bold lettering. More importantly, however, is the fact that each bottle of Zing Vodka is outfitted with an actual two-mode lighting system which creates an exciting and energetic feel every time the lighting system is employed. An on/off push-button which activates the lighting system is cleverly placed on the bottom of the bottle and allows the lighting system to be activated. When you press the button once, the lighting system quickly flashes and illuminates the bottle, giving it the appearance and feel of a nightclub scene. When you press the button a second time, the light ceases to flash and remains constant as it seductively illuminates the bottle. The illuminated bottle beckons all patrons to take notice of it and take possession of one. With its unique feature, Zing Vodka is destined to become the talk of every club, bar, and restaurant where it is served. To start there are three primary colors which the lighting systems will be available in: Red, Blue and Green. Zing Vodka's lighting system is patented, and is the only mechanism of its kind affixed to a vodka product. This exclusive feature gives Zing Vodka an extraordinary competitive advantage over other brands, and this holds especially true when considering the market that Zing Vodka will compete in. The unique lighting system will make Zing Vodka highly and immediately noticeable, thus allowing for more expedited branding and brand recognition, and is certain to attract all types of consumers. "