Increase Your Understanding of Natural Science, Art, and History

People browsing through an exhibitThe Staten Island Museum is located in the borough’s Snug Harbor Cultural Centre & Botanical Garden. Around 22,000 people visit the museum each year to learn more about natural science, art, and history.

The Staten Island Museum is home to more than two million artifacts and specimens from ancient history and modern times. The museum also gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of the Lenape who was the first Staten Islanders.

Since the Staten Island Museum features artifacts that date back as far as 12,000 years, it is considered to be one of the most comprehensive exhibits in the about Native Americans in the region.

Events at Staten Island Museum

The Staten Island Museum hosts events on a weekly basis. These events are open to the community, and many of them are free with museum admission.

Upcoming events include family art workshops that focus on the dynamic relationship between art and science, Super Science workshops that deal with subjects like ecology and environmental science, as well as the World Science Festival that involves a science street fair and apprentice program to learn how to identify and classify organisms.

The Staten Island Museum also holds regular bird and nature walks in various areas in the borough, for example, Brookfield Park, Mount Loretto, and Clove Lakes Park. For people who are interested in plants and trees can participate in the museum's regular Wildflower Walk in parks like Corson’s Brook Woods.

The Staten Island Museum Gala is an annual dinner event with cocktails, live music, and a silent auction to raise funds for the museum.

Collections at the Museum

The Staten Island Museum houses various permanent historical, art, and natural science collections and archives.

Art Collection

The Staten Island Museum has been studying and collecting art since 1908. The collection consists of 19th and 20th-century portraits and landscapes that were painted by Staten Islanders. The museum’s art collection includes, among others, art of the Americas, Asian art, Pacific Island art, photography, and a sculpture collection that spans over 1,500 years.

History Archives and Library

The museum’s reference library is a rich source of collections that focus on Staten Island’s history, science, nature, and art. These collections and archives include maps, wills, deeds, family bibles, census records, and enlistment records.

Natural Science Collection

The Staten Island Museum has a zoology collection that covers a wide range of disciplines, including archaeology, entomology, botany, and paleontology. The museum’s natural science collection includes William T. Davis’s collection of cicadas that consists of more than 35,000 specimens.

Other natural science collections include Cretaceous plant fossils, the Burgher archaeology collection, and mounted birds and mammals.

Come Out, Meet New Friends, and Increase Your Knowledge

The Staten Island Museum provides the community with an effective way of learning with their educational events. This museum is not only a great place to learn new things, but it is also a great way to spend time with your friends and family.

Visit the Staten Island Museum to learn more about art, natural science, and the history of Staten Island and the people that lived in this area.

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