Cruz Garcia Real Sangria White

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#Cruz Garcia Real Sangria White
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#"Real Sangria is ready to drink. It can be enjoyed just chilled from the bottle. It can also be a springboard to many fabulous sangria recipes. Anybody can experiment by adding their favorite sliced fruit, ginger ale, club soda or liqueurs. They can be as imaginative as they want and create their own personal drink. This bottle contains white wine and natural citrus, making a great base for sangria. We like it best all by itself with just ice as we think this is a great blend however, it can be enhanced. Sangria is the traditional summer drink of Andalucia. White wine or red wine is mixed with fruit, soda and brandy - sort of a citrus wine spritzer. It is an informal and refreshing way to enjoy good company with friends."

  • Producer Cruz Garcia
  • Country Spain
  • Region Castilla La Mancha
  • Alcohol Percent 44022
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